Our team
Katka Batková
Executive Director
Kristina Babiakova
Kristina Babiakova has a law degree from the University of Trnava. In VIA IURIS, she focuses on public participation and the judiciary. During her university education, she worked with the NGO Citizen and Democracy on the project of legal assistance and the programme Everyday Law. She worked with the University of Trnava as a lecturer of the course “Legal Clinic for Communities” and as a student supervisor. She has authored and co-authored several publications in the area of human rights and the judiciary.
Ivana Kohutková
Topic leader
Eva Kovacechova
Eva Kovacechova has worked with VIA IURIS since 1999, except a law degree, she also studied ethnology and history. Her main specialization is constitutional, administrative and civil law. Her areas of interest include also judiciary and she is a White Crow board member. Between 2017 and 2019, she led the Centre for Legal Aid. In the past, Eva cooperated with organizations working on child protection, refugees and asylum seekers. She is a lecturer of Socrates Institute, Denník N editorial board member and member of Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide. She loves to spend her leisure time drawing strength, seeking harmony and finding inspiration while climbing the mountains.
Zuzana Zummerova
Zuzana Zummerova studied law at the Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice. Before cooperation with VIA IURIS, she devoted herself to protecting the rights of those affected by legal incapacity. Later, she developed her own projects that focused on the professional ethics of lawyers. In VIA IURIS, she focuses on the topics of pillars of the rule of law and civil society, as well as the subject of professional ethics in law. She enjoys jogging, swimming, and embroidery.
Miroslava Majerova
Miroslava Majerova graduated from the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava. Before joining VIA IURIS, she was involved in copyright protection. In VIA IURIS she works as a lawyer and also handles projects of the international network Justice & Environment. She likes sports and enjoys spending her casual time with family in the countryside.
Hana Mravcova
Project Coordinator
Hana Mravcova is involved in the Civil Society program at VIA IURIS. She studied European Studies and International Relations at Masaryk University in Brno. During her studies she took part in a study stay in Warsaw and had several internships. Before joining VIA IURIS, she actively participated in the fight against corruption within the Stop Corruption civic association. In addition to analysing European policies, she actively follows public affairs and the work of political parties. Her greatest passions are sports and travel; she loves adrenaline and new challenges.
Katarina Zitniakova
Communication Officer
Katarína Zitniakova is in charge of media communication and participates in fundraising activities. Since 1993 she has worked as a moderator firstly in regional, then in national audio-visual media. In 2018 she was nominated for the Journalist Award in the Best Interview, Discussion, (Audio-visual Journalism) category. She has cooperated with various non-profit organizations and agencies in the fields of communication and copywriting.
Patrik Kimijan
Fundraising & Projects Officer
Patrik Kimijan covers fundraising activities and takes care of our donors.
Helena Hricova
Financial Manager
Helena Hricova cover financial management and reporting. She graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava. In the past, she worked as a financial manager for Slovak Scouting. She has written several methodological publications on non-profit accounting. In her spare time, besides her family, she is also dedicated to cycling and playing guitar, ukulele or piano. The greatest joy for her is yachting. She took her captain’s exams in Scottish waters.
Eva Vysoka
Financial & Project Manager
Eva Vysoka keeps our projects and finances in order and also looks after our office in Banska Bystrica. She graduated from the Technical University in Zvolen, specializing in economics. Eva gained further economic education by completing several professional courses in London, where she worked as a Practice Accountant and Finance Manager. Since returning to Slovakia in 2007, she has been helping several non-profit organizations focusing on environmental protection with book-keeping and financial management of projects.
Zdenka Tesarova
Accounting & Finances
Zdenka Tesarova studied finance at Matej Bel University and has worked with VIA IURIS since 2003. Apart from accounting, she is also our consultant in economic and organizational matters. She worked for several private companies in the past and completed distance training on accounting, financial management and marketing of NGOs. She spends her free time doing sports.
Zdenka Onuferova
Office Manager
Zdenka Onuferova looks after our office in Pezinok. She studied at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Later, she gained her further education in a pedagogical field at the Comenius University in Bratislava. In the past, she worked in a computer company in its Human Resources Department and in the Leisure Center as a Deputy Director. She is educated in the field of permaculture, and spends her leisure time gardening, beekeeping, and hardening in the winter. She likes to spend her free time in nature.
The control body of the association
The Board is control and advisory body of the organization, one of its main competences is that it elects and removes the Executive Director from his position.
Tomas Kamenec
Attorney, Paul Q
Erik Lastic
Pedagogue at Comenius University
Andrej Majernik
Attorney, Majernik & Mihalikova
Dana Marekova
Campaigner at CEE Bankwatch Network
Ondrej Smolar
Executive Director, Soitron Group

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