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Enhancing access to environmental justice in Visegrad region

EU environmental policy is one of the most advanced in the world. Yet the EU has not legislated on access to justice (AtoJ) to challenge all infringements of environmental laws, as provided in Art. 9(3) of the Aarhus Convention. The issue is important for...

Improving Access to Justice (Project Life – A2J – EARL)

While the body of EU environmental policy and regulation is one of the most advanced and comprehensive in the world, an implementation gap has become evident. Strong legislative and policy frameworks are not providing the results that they should because they are not properly implemented.

White Crow Awards 2017

Former employees of the Foreign Ministry, psychologist and environmental activist were awarded for their socially beneficial and brave civic acts. Former employees of the Foreign Ministry, Zuzana Hlávková and Pavol Szalai, brought to light suspicious...

Among new judges are mostly women under 35 years

Most of new judges of the District Courts are women 30-35 years old who were before working in the area of the judiciary. Candidates for the posts of judges who have relatives in the judiciary are more successful in the selection procedures than other candidates. It stems from the last monitoring of the selection procedures of the judges carried out by VIA IURIS.

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