Our services
20 years of experience
If you want to analyse the Slovak legislation and policies or to compare the framework in Slovakia with international standards and rules, we are here for you. We offer our experts with long-term experience and our contacts with the wide range of organizations and institutions in Slovakia. Our clients use our services in planning of strategies and campaigns, and in preparation of analyses, studies and publications for international institutions.
Areas of expertise
We specialize in environmental legislation, human rights, administrative law, permit procedures, public participation in decision-making, access of public to information, privacy protection, freedom of speech and freedom of press. Nonetheless, our services are not limited by these topics. We are able to form a wide team of experts, who can carry out the tasks that exceed our primary range of areas of expertise.
Types of services
We can provide the analyses of Slovak and EU legal environment, the assessments of conformity of Slovak and EU or international legislation, the analyses of application of the Slovak and EU legislation in practice, the analyses of case law and public administration decisions, the analyses of policies, programs and measures on national, regional and local level and the analyses of institutions.
Our values
You can expect expertise, professionalism and ethical approach. Apart from our team of experts, we can offer our contacts with the high-quality experts in other areas. Our profit is invested in the organizational development and in fulfilling our mission.
Our work

Centre for Sustainable Alternatives: Air quality protection in Slovakia (2015)

The aim was to identify the institutions responsible for problematic state of air quality protection in Slovakia, to identify the causes of the problems in the air quality protection, to suggest the possible systemic solutions in relation to responsible public institutions and to design further steps of the campaign. The analysis was used in campaign planning and in communication with EU institutions.

Centre for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture: EU Fundamental Rights Agency Annual Reports (2014 – 2016)

For several years, we have been working with Centre for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture on preparation of Annual Reports of EU Fundamental Rights Agency. Every year, our experts prepare the analysis of access to justice and monitor Slovak policies and legislation in this area.

ClientEarth: Research on the implementation of the EU Timber Regulation in Slovakia (2014)

The analysis was focused on the implementation of Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down the obligations of operators who place timber and timber products on the market in Slovakia. The main focus was on the sanctions for non-compliance with the main obligations set by the regulation in 5 areas specified by ClientEarth. The analysis was used in proposing and promoting the improvements in EU policies.

Milieu: Trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation (2014)

Our legal experts have prepared the analysis of Slovak case law in the area of human trafficking for labour exploitation. The first part of the analysis was focused on collecting the complex data on case law. In the second phase, the experts provided the qualitative analyses of selected cases. Milieu used the analysis in preparation of the publication “Study on case-law relating to trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation” for the European Commission.

CEE Bankwatch Network: Permit procedures for power plant (2012)

Our experts analysed the permit procedures in the project of COGEN power plant and related infrastructure in Žilina, Slovakia. The analysis pointed out the malpractice in local planning procedures and environmental impact assessment, and suggested the possible further steps for active citizens participating in the process. The client used the analysis in the campaign planning and in communication with European Commission, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as well as Slovak institutions.

Centre for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture: National intelligence authorities and surveillance in the EU (2014)

Based on the request of EU Fundamental Rights Agency, the research was focused on national intelligence authorities, compliance with the human rights and potential improvements in the area. The analysis summarized Slovak legislation in the area, with special focus on privacy and information protection, and judicial and extrajudicial means of remedy available to monitored persons. The information provided by the analysis were used in the publication “Surveillance by Intelligence Services: Fundamental Rights Safeguards and Remedies in the EU. Mapping Member States’ legal frameworks” (November 2015).

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