The Law on the protection of law and environment: MŽP proposes a reform without having the negotiations on massive scrutiny finished, supported by 30 000

The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic has announced on Friday that it sends the government the amendment to the Act on the protection of nature and countryside. A vital step for better protection of the environment is that Nature and...

VIA IURIS: The election of constitutional judges – incomprehensible hazard with the protection of citizens’ rights

Members of Parliament failed to select a required number of nominees for judges of the Constitutional Court in the third round. Out of 24 candidates, ten could have been certainly elected, however, MPs have only managed to elect four; Pavol Boroň, Martin...

A collective proposal by VIA IURIS against the limitation of citizens’ rights in the new construction law.

WE THANK ALL 1745 SUPPORTERS OF THE COLLECTIVE PROPOSAL BY VIA IURISWe have prepared a collective proposal to the proposal of the new construction law and the recommendation of the law on land planning.We thank all our supporters that took part in the...

An amendment to the law on environmental protection: activists led negotiations with Ministry of Environment regarding the proposals, supported by 30 thousand people

The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic terminated the contentious proceedings in the matter on the collective proposal by the following environmental organisations: Institute for the environmental protection, WWF Slovakia, BROZ, SOS/BirdLife,...

VIA IURIS: Non-election of the sufficient number of 18 nominees for constitutional judges mean that Constitutional Court will function with difficulties

VIA IURIS maintains that Parliament could have elected 18 nominees out of 29 candidates for the roles and to eventually select nine high-quality judges. However, Parliament has only elected eight nominees in their second vote. If the President selects four...

The effective operation of the Constitutional Court limited with seven judges

Parliament has failed to elect a complete number of nominees for the Constitutional Court today. We hope that the Parliament will act responsibly and elects the remaining number of nominees in the vote scheduled for tomorrow. As the full court’s assembly...
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VIA IURIS promotes effective public participation in decision and policy making. The citizens have to be able to participate effectively in various permission procedures that affect their lives. They ought to have access to information and access to justice in matters of public interest, such as the environmental protection and accountability of state institutions and municipalities. We support and provide assistance not only to “White Crows” but also to people who are threatened while advocating the public interest.
Civil society
Authentic civil society, as one of the cornerstones of freedom and democracy is jeopardized by non-systemic legislative proposals, populist statements of politicians and disinformation campaign led by conspiracy media. Our role is to defeat myths about NGOs, critically analyse civil society and protect the legislative environment so that Slovak citizens also in the future have right to freely express, associate and actively participate and control the administration of public affairs.
Rule of law
VIA IURIS promotes systemic measures to strengthen the independence of courts, public prosecution and police and to eliminate political influence on them. These institutions are the fundamental elements of the rule of law and crucial in securing equality before the law and enforcing the justice. These institutions ought to guarantee the exercise of public power by elected officials in compliance with the public interest, not the private interests of oligarchs. They have to guarantee that everyone is held accountable for overstepping of the law, even politicians.
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