The Constitutional Court will be dysfunctional

This was decided by the MPs who did not elect any candidate for the Constitutional Court judge in a re-election today.

It is an irresponsible political tactic, which makes the Constitutional Court inoperative and prefers party interests over those of Slovakia. Of the 37 candidates, 18 were eligible for constitutional judges. Blocking elections and making the Constitutional Court inoperative is irresponsible gambling with justice in Slovakia,” said a lawyer Peter Wilfling of VIA IURIS.

Thus, the Constitutional Court will have only 4 out of 13 judges and will not be able to decide in the most important matters, such as on the abolition of unconstitutional laws, the validity of elections or the interpretation of the Constitution, which requires seven votes. In effect, only one panel of three judges will remain in the Constitutional Court. Although the court will be able to decide on citizens ‘complaints regarding violations of their rights, for capacity reasons, it will not be able to deal with all complaints as it will be overburdened. Therefore, the court will be ineffective in protecting citizens’ rights.

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