Neither do we think that some can have it all. Your 2% against injustice.

Do you remember playing table games and cards as children? Our parents led us to act justly, to adhere to the rules and to bear the responsibility for our actions. However, some players have grown up into those who forget that lying and cheating are wrong. Metaphorically, they are knowingly changing the colours of the figures, overtaking, throwing more times than it is allowed and deciding on their own when to move with their game-characters forward.

At VIA IURIS, we are personally witnessing such injustice. Daily, we hear stories in which people, communities or nature are pulling for a shorter end.

However, since our inception, we have believed in the power of a civic voice, and that is why we have been supporting people who fight the abuse of power and defend the truth and the public interest for 25 years. We are also trying to promote changes in the Slovak judiciary, the police and the prosecutor’s office to reduce the political impact on their activities.

We care about our country as much as you do. And neither do we think that some can do everything. Each of us can change Slovakia for the better. One step may also be donating 2% of the tax to an organisation that is pleasing to you. If you like what we do, we will be happy if you choose VIA IURIS. You have time to file your tax return or until the end of April if you are an employee.

You can find the exact procedure here:

It will also help us if you tell your loved ones about VIA IURIS.

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