The candidates with the qualities of constitutional court judges should run again

The Constitutional Law Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, according to its chairman Robert Madej, has not yet received any proposal for a candidate for the Constitutional Court judge.

According to VIA IURIS, however, it is in Slovakia’s interest that eligible institutions re-nominate those candidates from the first election who met high professional and moral requirements.

“It would be a great pity for Slovakia if good candidates from the first election would be demotivated by political games and obstructions and discouraged from running again in the second election. In effect, such a decision would vacate the positions for the unsuitable candidates; thus, the prospects of electing good judges will be minimal. Therefore, the candidates, who do not meet the professional and moral requirements for constitutional judges, or judges, who are politically committed to political parties have a chance to be elected to the Constitutional Court. The participation of quality candidates for constitutional judges in the second election is vital in our endeavour to have a good and independent constitutional court, ”said Peter Wilfling, VIA IURIS lawyer.

We must wait for the final list of candidates for constitutional court judges until 5 March 2019, which is the date when the deadline for submission of proposals expires.

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